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Re: Firmware 2.0 is out - changelog

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Sadly, the Auto setting for d5 appears to switch to mechanical shutter at shutter speeds greater than 1/250 (instead of 1/2000), so I guess I'll just stick with full EFCS.

Good to know. I have my camera basically in EFCS all the time, but had wondered a bit about the AUTO shutter with respect to the EFCS.

I would have liked EFCS applied up to 1/2000sec and automatically switch to Mechanical if I went faster in shutter speed. I don't see it happening in Auto (Shutter Type)

Agreed. Thom Hogan's Z guide does say MS shock affects mostly between 1-15 and 1-125, so seems Nikon's selection has some merit behind it?

I haven't measured on the Z's but this is generally correct. For the Canon 5DSr tests I did a few years ago, 1/125 was about the point the effects of shutter vibration from a fully-mechanical shutter disappeared. Here's the graphic from my test (direct link, and original thread). The VF+MLUP represents the equivalent of a fully-mechanical shutter on a mirrorless camera. The LV+EFCS represents an EFCS on a mirrorless camera:

5Dsr Mirror/Shutter vibration test

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