Europe with m43 - What worked what didn't retrospective

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Some of my experience identical, some a little different.

Agree on the "first out" kit.  My E-M5 Mk I + 12-40 was used for 80+% of my shots.  I always carried the 35-100/2.8, and like you, used it infrequently, but was perfect when I did use it.

My "museum lens" was the 15/1.7 PL.  I actually used it most on my GM-5, which was my second body.  Perfect for quiet, discrete shots.  I brought the 12-32, just because it's so small and good, it made no sense to leave it behind.  I never used it.  Ditto the 45/1.8.  Didn't use it; will leave it at home next time.

Because I spent a lot of time in Rome/Florence/Venice, I was concerned about thievery, so I used a PacSafe CamSafe V8 bag.  It collapses flat when the dividers are removed and provided sufficient space for the E-M5, GM-5, 12-40, 35-100 and 15/1.7.  It also has an included rain cover.

Like you, my next lens will be an ultra-wide.  The Pany 7-14 is my choice as well.  Just have to be careful where the sun is located when I take the shot.

I'm going to wait until I see what the E-M5Mk III offers, and what it costs, but I'm more and more leaning towards an E-M1 Mk II.  Good deals can be had, and I really don't see the Mk III body going for any less that $1400. (Okay....$1,399).  Not sure I can justify that.

We're going to Thailand this summer, so weather resistant kits are essential.  It will be interesting to see what I use, and what I don't for that trip as well.

Really appreciate your thread.  Gave me some great perspectives.

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