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Re: The Plumber

Mike Fewster wrote:

We had a crisis in Portugal. Just before we were due to fly out, the washing machine jammed closed. It could not be opened. It was complex. It was the weekend. The unit owner gallantly came to our rescue. It took nearly two hours of wrestling with the machine with only kitchen implements available to reach into the innards of the machine and rescue our clothes. Taken with phone camera.

Thanks mate.

The plumber, what an indispensable man in our daily lives, but if you need him, you hope he is available. Such a person never has to be without work.

And then this, this photo that brings a smile to everyone's face, so what to say! NOTHING

Simply let it come over you, because this is about the technical quality! or for other rules that a photo must meet .. nope

What we see here is a person who, full of joy and smiling, is sprinkling with bacteria and thus solving a problem of another. Priceless moment.


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