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Re: Tractor Man & Ann

minniev wrote:

We are the sometimes proud and often frustrated owners of a 60+ year old tractor named Ann. Mr. Lewis, locally known as "Tractor Man", makes house calls to keep Ann going. He cannot be reached by phone so one must drive many miles into the pine wilderness of backwoods Mississippi to find him and get on his book. But eventually there'll be a tap on the door and Tractor Man will appear, wearing his signature hat and carrying his bag of tools. He will eventually get Ann sorted out, even if he has to take parts of her home with him for renovation. In severe cases he will accompany you even further into the wilderness to a Tractor Graveyard to make a deal with its tender for certain parts. Once Ann is sorted, Tractor Man moves on to the next elderly patient.

Why is this so good! Well, the novella (the written part) makes it possible to read the photo as a novella. The connection between the novella and the photo has become a one-to-one story.

Both are as strong as one together. Love it.

The repair man and the tractor also seem to be of the same age and look full of character with a tendency to mutual friendship where each other's interventions have been portrayed with confidence. It could not have been better here and I don't want to think about anything else.


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