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Agius FOTO wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

The E-M1 II is about 5.5 ounces heavier than the E-M5 II. Choosing the 14-150 over the 12-40 will save you about 3.5 ounces. So net added weight of about 2 ounces (not to mention the size differential).

Maybe just buy the 14-150 and try it on the E-M5? Seems like the lightest combo. Now, that said, if you are really having E-M1 II lust...well, you get my drift.


It all depends on the IQ requirements. Sure, the 12-40 is sharper, well made, etc etc, but unless you are printing large or using it for paid work, the 14-150 seems to be great value. I just bought one up for $280 and have another thread going on about it and what my purpose is for that lens, but seems like the IQ is not bad at all, definitely for prints up to 16x20 or viewing on the big screen in my opinion:

I agree, I have the 14-150, the 12-40, and the 12-100. All are great lenses. My two most used are the 14-150 on my Pen F and E-M10 II, and the 12-100 on the Pen F and the E-M1 II. There is an IQ difference between the 14-150 and either of the two Pro lenses, but the difference is not a deal breaker if that 14-150 focal range in a single lens is paramount.

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