Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Re: Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Historicity wrote:

So when I actually got a KP and used it long enough to get used to it, I decided I liked it after all and much more than I thought I could. Maybe some Olympus nostalgia was involved. In any case, I no longer have any objection to the KP form factor.



In my opinion (and I tried many different cameras, though far less than you ), the Pentax KP is a fantastic camera, the best what Pentax's ever made!

I don't really think in those terms.  I like most of my cameras.  I didn't care for the K-7 all that much, and the D600 got oil stains on the sensor from a faulty shutter.  Fortunately I have a son who thinks he can fix anything; so I just give all that stuff to him. 

The first Pentax camera I gave him was the K20d.  I loved that camera, but I had the K5 by then and he made noises indicated that he really needed a Pentax camera, but sometime later I bought another K20d, and used it recently for some macro shooting and it did as well as the Nikon D200 or D300s. 


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