Which RAW converter do you use?

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Re: #1 ... Adobe or DxO? With #3 going to C1

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An interesting poll, for a change

What strikes me the most is that, on 16 May, with the results so far is the popularity of DXO.

With less than 120 "votes" this poll does not give real world results what is popular and whats not.

Agreed, but still surprising for these forums where I expected Adobe to be the major response by far. I always think of DXO-PL 2 as being a product I often recommend but very niche.

I wonder if a lot of LR users started using DxO for high ISO RAW processing because of PRIME? And maybe some then switched all their RAW processing to DxO, maybe still using LR as the Dyin AM and PS for layer editing?

I'm trying a workflow starting with PL2 because I think it gives the best conversion of my M4/3 files.

First,though, I copy all the images into the folder structure that underpins my Lightroom installation

In PL2 I just use PRIME noise reduction and a little smart lighting before passing (generally in batches) to Lightroom as linear dng.  I only do this for the images that I think are worth more work, so these are the only ones that get imported into Lightroom.  You could call this a "soft cull"

I then do pretty much everything else in Lightroom.  I've been using it for a few years, and I think I know my way around it pretty well.

I now can't remember the last time I used layers, but if I need to I have Photoshop (never mastered) and On1 Photo10.  I also have the Nik stuff, which I use for B&W.   Maybe some day I'll see what else DxO's Control Point tools can give me, but I do like to have as many of the non-destructive edits in one place as possible.


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