Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Re: Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

jerrysdean43 wrote:

Not anything to lose sleep over. At the present time I think the $120.00 annual plan is the best value offered in raw/editing software and I do not even use Photoshop. If one buys another software package and upgrades annually as most probably do the difference in cost is not much. I think there are many Lightroom alternatives available but not any equivalent alternatives out there for me. If and when the cost of my Lightroom subscription outweighs the value I perceive from it I will look elsewhere. Until that time I will continue to enjoy all the benefits I get from using Lightroom to edit my images

That's an excellent reply, and your logic makes all the sense in the world. Although I use Photoshop rather than Lightroom, the principle is the same, as they are both linked in the rental domain.

For me the $120 lease fee is certainly acceptable, because I well remember the "old days". Before 2013, if you wanted Photoshop you'd have to pay an upfront non-student cost of some $700. But that wasn't all. Every 18 months Adobe would have an upgrade that would cost $200, and you couldn't go more than two upgrade cycles or you'd have to buy the entire program again to get the latest developments.

The current cost for Photoshop is less than the upgrade cost of the pre-2013 era, and is delivered instantly. Quite literally Adobe is giving Photoshop/Lightroom away and charging you only for the upgrades.

Even so, there are limits. I don't have a problem paying $120 yearly, considering the power and convenience afforded by the program, but if Adobe raises the lease price significantly I'm going to abandon Photoshop, and I've already taken potential emergency steps in that direction. I own On1 RAW and Luminar 3, and have just purchased Affinity Photo. For photo editing alone, these three combined are at least the equal of Photoshop, I'd prefer to use Photoshop as my main station because it nicely coordinates all of these programs, along with Topaz and Nik. Without Photoshop it can be a hellish trial going back and forth from one program to another.

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