how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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Re: how to compare camera to mobile phone?

SergeyAU wrote:

Took some photos. Both freehand (off the knee)

Mobile photo is not adjusted. Camera ohoto only lens correction and a bit of noise reduction. Images are sized in Photoshop, so info on mobile image EXIF is not correct


f/3.5 1sec ISO 2500 Focal 15mm


f/1.5 1/4sec ISO 1250 Focal 4mm

And the last one is from mobile @ 1sec f/1.5 ISO 800 (does not go above that in the manual mode)

These aren't worth comparing.  There's blur due to hand-holding a 1-sec exposure, and noise due to high ISO.  Use a tripod, or do a comparison of daylight images if you don't have a tripod.

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