Which RAW converter do you use?

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Re: #1 ... Adobe or DxO? With #3 going to C1

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An interesting poll, for a change

What strikes me the most is that, on 16 May, with the results so far is the popularity of DXO.

With less than 120 "votes" this poll does not give real world results what is popular and whats not.

Agreed, but still surprising for these forums where I expected Adobe to be the major response by far. I always think of DXO-PL 2 as being a product I often recommend but very niche.

I wonder if a lot of LR users started using DxO for high ISO RAW processing because of PRIME? And maybe some then switched all their RAW processing to DxO, maybe still using LR as the DAM and PS for layer editing?

Could be Nigel, it does have a plugin for LR which makes it easy to use from LR, and I have to admit that DXO-PL 2 is a much better product than the old Optics Pro version that proceeded it.

It is convenient but exports back to LR painfully slow. Then you get a extra file. I don't use it as much as I thought I would. Actually very little these days.

I should have added that it will more likely be my backup if I decide to stop using Adobe. I can't see that happening soon, especially after the 8.3 release unless something major changes that doesn't sit well with me.

You do get the lens corrections particularly for Mirrorless that come as a shock to LR users as it enforces the jpg lens correction on raw images. Losing a significant part of your image for some lenses is not a pixel peeping difference. I am amazed that LR doesn't fix this but assume that there must be a good reason for them not doing so.

I will continue with C1Pro but I will watch the next release of DXO-PL with more interest. I think they will integrate the NIK plugins into DXO-PL, probably by a dedicated button to "edit with NIK". I do like the U-Point technology and although there is no plugin for C1Pro I can just "open with" from C1Pro to send the raw file to DXO-PL 2.


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