Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

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Re: Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

Alantkh wrote:

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Alantkh wrote:

Actually I find the bokeh of the 35mm pretty good. There is onion rings but usually I don't find that distracting when viewed at normal distance, not cropped. It renders the transitional bokeh beautifully which is where many lens like the sigma trips up.

I love the bokeh of the zeiss 35mm but just all the color fringing just drives me nuts... purple where there should not be any or weird greenish fringes, just looks weird.

“Bokeh is superb...” according to Ken’s article - and I agree with him. If you read what Ken says it’s not a macro lens and I also don’t use it as one (I have a 90mm G for that).

Anyway... I’m totally worn out defending this lens in endless threads. I love it, simple as that. The results that I can personally get with it are normally fantastic and the rendering that it gives is really quite special.

Check out my gear list and ask yourself why I would pick this as one of only 4 or so lenses to accompany me on every (airline) travel trip. I certainly would NOT use my limited carry-on bag space for a poor quality lens that gives ‘horrendous’ results. Such nonsense.

I love the zeiss 35mm. Given the current 35mm situation, I think the Zeiss is high up on my list to get but mainly because all other options have their own issues.

It is kind of funny you justifying your argument by looking at your "gear list". If anything, you should ask people to look at your photo stream or something.

This shot below show both why I love and dislike the sony zeiss 35mm. The bokeh rendering is really smooth and without any outlining. My current sigma 40mm f1.4 is not so well behaved at the transitional bokeh. However, the LoCA on this pic is huge but luckily the photo works with a lower saturation so it saved the photo.

sony zeiss 35mm

I post a few test images from time to time when I’m not busy. Check the last couple of ‘this week with your camera’ threads to see examples. I no longer add anything to my gallery for many reasons.

This issue is not important enough for me to spend time searching my drives and doing something special here and I doubt that anything that I did would sway anyone’s preconceived notions anyway.

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