Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: Here's a thought

Kinger wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Of all of the posts in this discussion, yours are the only ones that have resorted to childish name calling and personal insults. If you want to talk about the M system, then maybe your posts should actually be about cameras instead of your personal issues. You would think that as a college professor, you would have learned more appropriate communication skills by now.

But to be fair, your comments were mostly meant to be antagonistic. At least that’s how they appear to me.

If that is your interpretation, then you completely misread my comments in this thread.  My initial comments were based on simple equivalency calculations.  The comparison could have been between a smartphone and an old Pentax DSLR with the FA 31mm f1.8.  The resulting images would have been largely the same as well as my reaction.

Regardless of anyone's interpretation, name calling and insults should never be part of a reasoned, respectful, adult discussion.

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