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Re: the transom window test


I suppose you meant to thank to KPM2 (not to me ) for his extensive explanation. But I agree with his findings, just have some reservations. At least, that's what I am experiencing:

If your picture has, let's say two "well defined" subjects (i.e. exhibiting adequate contrast), the camera after half depressing the shutter button will focus on the first subject, which the lens will find. Well, I assume the lens is preset to focus on infinity. If the closer subject exhibits a higher contrast, then the camera will select this one. But unfortunately not always. Right now I tested my KP, and I could say that the consistency on what the camera considers to be the most important subject is around 70%.

I am not using the LV mode at all, as it's auto-focusing performance is much slower, though it might be more consistent (due to using the CDAF method).

Btw. I found the SELexpression. On the KP it is one of the AF area selection mode. It is the single AF point, which you can move to any position away from the centre. Well, that's the only AF mode I have never ever tried .

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