All i want is an updated M6 with swivel screen m

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Re: All i want is an updated M6 with swivel screen m

R2D2 wrote:

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Photologging wrote:

M6 looks great for me, and the only reason i dont have it is because im waiting for an updated m6 with side swivel screen, like in the m50.

I dont need the IBIS, or the EVF, i prefer to have a pocketable camera instead.

As far as I am concerned, I also love my M6, just because it has no side swivel screen. The tilting screen is more robust, it is always in the right position and it does not disturb the handling by expanding your camera sideways. I accept that the side swivel screen offers more positions, but this is of no importance for me.

But I assume that every M6-user has a different point of view

+1 to this. It's just different strokes.


+1 for tilting screen! Please don't ruin M6 if you ever update it! Keep calm & tilt it!

The tilting screen is much less noticeable compared to the rotating for street shooters who love range finder style. Makes more sense for selfie and V-log too.

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