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Re: Still a 1/2000 cap on Electronic Shutter

ijm5012 wrote:

I'm baffled why Nikon continues to have a 1/2000 max shutter speed when shooting with the electronic shutter. My previous Olympus camera would do 1/32,000, allowing me to shoot f/1.2 glass wide open in mid-day sun. The A7 III can do 1/8000, and the A9 can do 1/32,000.

I really wish Nikon would fix this issue to be more in-line with the competition, or issue a statement on why it is not feasible to exceed 1/2000 with the current camera hardware.

There is no cap on the electronic shutter. Perhaps you meant the 1/2000 cap on the EFCS. This is done to avoid exposure banding, which occurs on other EFCS implementations as well beyond 1/2000, including on Sony's MILCs.

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