Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Re: Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Of all the posts thus far, yours is closest to my own impression. I've been hanging out over on Nikon while waiting to see what Ricoh will do. I've still got all my Pentax gear and do use the KP and K1ii regularly, and fully plan to buy the new APS-C flagship when it comes out -- if it has advantages over the KP and D500. But I've noticed, the more time I spend over on Nikon, the less time I spend thinking (I've long since given up worrying) about Pentax.


Maybe that's just me, but I'll never get this waiting for Ricoh to release the "D500-killer" camera. D500 is a wildlife/sports beast and an overkill for anything else. Pentax never had ambitions to go into this market segment and I don't expect that to change. Even such giant as Sony, that drops a ton of money on R&D and marketing is still far away from threatening Nikon's position there.

I have the D500; so I would need the flagship Pentax APS-C to have "some advantages over the D500."  I don't find that much difference between the D500 and the KP as far as the sort of shooting I do, and you'll notice that I didn't just say "advantages over the D500."  Why would any Pentaxian buy the next Flagship APS-C camera if it had no advantages over the KP?

If you like D500, just buy it.

Already did.

Looking that you already have KP, K-1 II and plan to buy the next crop Pentax, it doesn't seem to me that money is a big concern for you. Maybe even take a look at Canon's 7D II, although that camera could use an update more than anything from current Pentax lineup (interestingly enough, you don't see that many Canonians being disappointed at 'no crop sensor flagship for a long time').

I can't image developing an interest in Canon.

I have switched from K-3 II to K-1 few years ago and never looked back. I might grow interest in this new APS-C 'flagship' if it gets some interesting tech like a hybrid VF, but otherwise, my crop sensor times are long gone.

Mine aren't.  As a hiker, with a selection of APS-C cameras and a useful array of APS-C lenses I probably grab an APS-C camera more often than I do a FF.  I acquired the Nikon Df with its nostalgic dials and the 16MP sensor of the Nikon D4 and have been impressed by it. It is a very light-weight FF camera.   My most recent acquisition has been a Nikon FF 24MP D610 which is still in production and doing well.  In general, I like the ruggedness of the K5iis, K3, and K3ii more than that of the lighterweight KP.  That holds true in the Nikon world as well.  I bought the D610 rather than the D750.  But I probably would have purchased the 24MP D750 if that was the only 24MP FF Nikon camera out there.


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