Europe with m43 - What worked what didn't retrospective

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Re: Europe with m43 - What worked what didn't retrospective

richarddd wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Kaso wrote:

If you were leaning toward Olympus, this would be my suggestion:

E-M1 II (*) + 12-40mm f/2.8, or 12-100mm f/4 PRO

That's it, for anything similar to the city-hopping trip you described.

(Lightroom can tell you which focal lengths and which apertures you use most often.)

You may realize that you may not need all kinds of lenses which burden you with things and excess weights. And lens swapping is a pain in the rear end.

(* or better still: E-M5 III whenever...)

+1 on the E-M1 II with the 12-100 f/4. I have both it and the 12-40. The Sync IS of the 12-100 is great for low light cathedral stuff.

You lose a stop of light going from 12-40/2.8 to 12-100/4. Is Sync IS good enough to make up that stop of light for shooting low light cathedral stuff compared to the IS with the 12-40?

"Lose a stop of light..." Sigh.

I've shot hand-held in dim light at 1/10 sec, or slower, fairly often.

In fact, now, with the G9, high-ISO noise management is so good that I don't mind going up to ISO 4000 for color and higher for B&W. That, plus DUAL IS 2, make "a stop less of light" quite insignificant.

Welcome to 2019.

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