Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Re: Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

DS21 wrote:

Wheatfield7 wrote:

justmeMN wrote:

And from Nikon:

At least that is not saying shift our focus (resources) from EF to RF. Nikon is talking about the reality of a shift in the market, Canon sounds like they are talking about bailing on the DSLR, and by extension, the EF mount lenses.

Abandoning a lens mount and their customer base along with it is something they have experience with.

Oh yes, such dire consequences for Canon for switching to visionary and advanced EOS fully electronic mount back in 1987. They have a dismal 50% market share today, while Pentax, which maintained compatibility with its70's mount, currently stands at 3% Japan and excellent 1% or so worldwide.

Well, Nikon's mount from the '50s currently stands at 25% market share. Meanwhile, Minolta A mount introduced in the '80s stands at <1% market share and Contax N mount from the 2000's has around 0% market share. Sure, these weren't fully electronic like EOS (at least in the case of Minolta, dunno about Contax) but I think the truth behind success of Canon consists of many more factors that just going with fully electronic mount. Especially since we're talking about electronics from '80-'90 era, and let's just say, there was a lot to be desired in terms of long term reliability of electronics during this period.

I wish Ricoh presently would provide at least 5% of the support Canon users have, not to even mention the pro sector. People spending months (as mentioned on this forum recently) sourcing a lousy tripod collar for the DFA 70-200 lens, and when finally ordering it from some store in Switzerland, which was the only place on planet able to source it, it comes with half of the parts missing, and unusable.

That story at first glance sounded implausible, but I checked it and OMG, Ricoh, get your sh*t together. This is Monty Python sketch material. Such things like tripod foot should be available just like lens shades.

To still hold a grudge against Canon for abandoning mechanical lens mount back in 1987, and thinking they would do the same today, is rather funny. They do provide R to EF adapters, something that was not easily done when switching to completely electronic EOS at the time.

Agreed on that. RF and EF lenses use the same communication protocols AFAIK, so no much of a problem there. Nikon has it a little bit worse (with no screwdrive and auto aperture with AI-s and older MF glass) but still managable.

However, there's also EOS M, which in the eyes of many seems a dead end now after introduction of EOS R and potential RF-mount crop camera.

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