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In some old Nikon's article I had read, the author explains about the sharp-but-soft 105mm portrait lens.

They (Nikon's lens engineer) deliberately design the (far) red wavelength to be out-of-focus. So while the overall image of the human subject is razor sharp, the skin is not.

Interesting. Now I'm thinking about how to emulate this in Photoshop.

Display the channels (Window menu), select the red channel, and apply a bit of blur. Click back on the RGB and save.

Already tried it -- didn't work that well.

I'm wondering if having two red layers, blurring one, and blending them in some proportion might work. That way you have a core of focussed with some soft.

On the other hand there may just not be the information needed in the RGB data.

Might work. My current home-grown portrait action works by blurring a duplicate image layer, then adjusting opacity and blend mode. One could probably do something similar with the red channel.

For skin, the blurring of red would need to be extremely slight. Just enough to take the edge off the sharpness, hardly perceptible.

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