m43 is dead with 2100 comments (and counting)

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Re: m43 is dead with 2100 comments (and counting)

DtBB wrote:

The illusion delusion is strong with this one.

Delusion is in you.

Answer me a this, if its such a strong system why the 4% MS?

Because best doesn't always win the market. That who has the strongest marketing and branding wins. Or do you dare to say that marketing doesn't work or affect your decisions to buy stuff?

Why Canon has superior market share to anything Nikon and Sony together, even when they have worst glass and sensors?

If Oly in such a good financial position, why the Sony investment few years ago?

Sony always had 5% on Olympus, raised to 10% and then sold back to 5%. Normal japanese company business. And Olympus is more than cameras, it is medical company that does lots of business with other companies.

Are you american who is two-faced who so swears in name of capitalism, but everytime it fails then people scream after socialism to save everyone?

If Pana is so happy only with mFT why make L-alliance and say that its alliance with Oly was a "difficult" one?

If Pana is such that once it jumps to another bed it must smear the previous bed, why anyone wants to go to bed with it in the first place as at any given time Panasonic can jump ship and do same to them? Have you thought that maybe Olympus is the one that controls everything in m4/3 because it is its design and project? Panasonic didn't have controls or keys, so it was limited to follow Olympus vision of one system, one standard, one compatible system without solo acting like Panasonic loves to do on other electronics business it does, being incompatible with itself even!

There are real reasons to be behind mFT: size, price, weight. None of which are what the E-M1x bring to the table.

EMX does bring all that. It is smaller and lighter than either 1D or D5. It is far cheaper than either one. And you can stay in the small and light m43 with all compatible to each other and having one largest m43 camera there is to complete your set. Can you take canon 1D and pair it with Nikon 500mm f/5.6? Can you take Sony A9 and pair it with Panasonic 100-400mm?  How about taking a Sigma 18-35 and fly it with a drone?

Or in other words: the G9 equivalent from Oly would be much better received than this cam now.

E-M1II is that. Better than G9 in many ways but video. But as usual you are like a normal consumer/voter who just forgets everything that was before something was said/released next.

Just check the top posts, its either people who complain about it or the rabid fans.

Just check yourself. Over 600 comments more in a week, that was almost 40% more just because it was on the frontpage and so many hater is there to talk trash. If it would be just "rbid fans" then the comments would be under 100. But so many are hating m43 because it is superior than what they have now from others and this new camera increased a lot the possibilities the m43 offers for photographers, not needing to rent D500, 1D or 5D or any other FF cameras but can get small and light and cheap m43. So hate is strong for this one.

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Arguing about with an equivalentists is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a bit you realize the pig likes it.

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