Best all-in-one Film Camera for travel?

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Interrail with Konica C35

ThaQuest wrote:

I'm looking for something nice and compact with a built-in lens, f/2.8 at minimum but f/2 would be even better. Not only for travel, but for carrying around day-to-day. I just sold my AE-1 Program which was a little more bulk that I cared for.

So far the Olympus Trip 35 seems like a good option (with a 40mm 2.8 lens), but it only has two shutter speeds: 1/40 and 1/200, and I'd like some more low-light potential than that. The viewfinder is smaller than I'd like. Alternatively, the Olympus Pen half frames seem like a lot of fun.

Any other ideas?


In my youth I as many others went for a month on Interrail - free train travels all over Europe for a whole month for a bargain fee. My buddy took his Minolta SRT 101 with a 50 1.7. I wanted to travel light so I left my Yashica SLR and borrowed my fathers Konica C-35 with a fixed 38 2.8 and program autoexposure. It proved to be good choice. This type of camera is very handy for travel.

There is a more advanced model called Konica S3. Minolta and Canon made some similar models. You can read some here:

If you really want t go hi-end with a compact rangefinder consider Leica CL or Minolta CLE.

Another option (SLR): Pentax ME or MX (manual) with the 40 2.8 pancake. The ME with the 40 2.8 might be the most compact 35 mm SLR/lens combo ever.

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