Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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trungtran wrote:

You think all canon has to do is reduce the price and kids will start buying the M camera?

For young adults, especially (younger) families price matters.

You can pick up a brand new m10 for 300 bucks, how much lower does it need to go to shift the market?

As i said, you need to factor in the price of good glass.

The used market is even cheaper. If you want a dedicated camera, you already have one.

I think the M10 isn't the most appealing camera, and in the mean time it is only the camera.

M50 (or M100mkII or M6mkII) + ef-m 32mm f/1.4  (or ef-m 22mm f/2.0) + 18-150mm.....

is 1400 euro. That is a lot of money. One or two extra batteries, a bag....

I don't think it is possible for Canon to reduce the price enough still making profit.  All i wanted to point out is a camera system - including the lenses - is too expensive for some who are willing to carry the stuff around, changing lenses, etc.  The price of a basic complete package is considerably higher than a phone.

Of course you can go with only the kitlens, but in this case your paying for a camera while you are not using it to its full extend.

If a basic package would be lets say only 700 euro, i think the costumer base would be larger, even for younger persons. As i said, this is not a realistic price tag.

If course it is about personal preferences what you can call a basic package. If you love wide angle landscapes and don't care about the rest, you can buy a used M5 + ef-m + new ef-m 11-22 for only 700 euro. In this case the M system competes well with phones at its current prices.

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