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Re: Camera for a hipster friend

Doug Larvey wrote:

Hi folks

A friend of mine who is a hipster asked me for some advise on buying a camera. His main concern is that the camera fits his hipster profile. The look of the camera is important to him as he wants to look as cool and hip as possible all tbe while giving off the impression that he doesnt care.

He plans to mainly photograph friends and occassions that involve his hipster lifestyle. He considers himself an artist and wants a camera to convey his artistic hipster impression.

He doesnt care for the technical aspects as he believes art can be produced by any camera and plans to produce his art in auto mode.

Does anyone recommend a camera suited for my hipster friend?

You need to tell your friend that the ABSOLUTELY ONLY camera he can be seen with is the Leica M10 Monochrom.  It's so hipster cool that it doesn't even have the red dot on it 'cos people who know, know.  And its monochrome so thats the only thing to be taking if you are a hipster.

Doesn't really matter which lens he gets as it doesn't sound like he will be using it much probably the little 35mm f/2 'cos it must be a prime and it has a pretty rectangular lens hood (details matter).

Should be able to get that little package for comfortably under $10,000 so it's great hipster value too.

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