Problem with lens or sensor?

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Problem with lens or sensor?

It's been just over a month since I ve got my a6300 and the 90mm Sony G Macro, and I only realized yesterday that there's a problem, with either the body (sensor) or the lens. I was going through some of my recently taken photos and there seem to be 2 areas on the the frame that show some dark spots. The 1st spot can be seen bottom right of the frame and the 2nd spot (harder to see) is top left-ish. Especially in the first 2 photos, this is very obvious:

Here are few more:

did I manage to provoke some onion rings here? (irrelevant to the topic, but anyhow...)

The 1st spot is fairly obvious in most images. The 2nd one is somewhat more faint and harder to see. Again, both spots are clearly visible in the onion ring (?) shot. The pattern here is that the spots appear in the same area of the frame, but size/color/shape is different in each scenario.

So what am I dealing with here? Is it a sensor or a lens issue? I know for fact that copy variation for Sony lenses is an issue, but I always hoped it wouldn't happen to me

I just looked up my very first shots and the spots were there from the start. Both the camera body and the lens were never dropped, hit, not even scratched. Whatever defect that is, it was there from the very beginning. Most of the shots were taken with Silent Shooting turned on (but I don't think that has to do with anything...). I ve also got the 16-50mm kit lens which I never used (so that I could rule out whether this is indeed a lens issue with my SEL90M28G). Due to the nature of the spots, they are not visible in all photos I ve taken.

Also, I did carefully examined the lens with a flashlight, and there are no obvious marks on it's surface and no dirt. No dirt on the sensor either. Besides, when I ve bought the a6300, I just switched the kit lens with the 90mm Macro and it has always been sitting on the body ever since.

I am very disappointed with this issue now. I was very happy with my combo otherwise and was very motivated about getting out there, experimenting. Now, it's almost certain I ll need to have something serviced/returned(?) I don't think that they'll send me a brand new lens or body for it. There goes that 'brand new', 'perfectly working' feeling

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