Which RAW converter do you use?

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Re: #1 ... Adobe or DxO? With #3 going to C1

gaul wrote:

I thought we would get

#1 Adobe

#2 Capture One

#3 DxO

But poll seems to indicate otherwise

#1 DxO

#2 Adobe

#3 Capture One

An interesting poll, for a change

What strikes me the most is that, on 16 May, with the results so far is the popularity of  DXO.  It is actually polling above the Adobe combined score which is very surprising.  I can only think that DXO's move to add local editing has been a success for them.

I use C1Pro and was also surprised how high that scored (50% of combined Adobe) considering the price.  I used to buy Photoshop so the price has always been OK for me but I don't generally recommend it on these forums due to the cost, spending other peoples money is easy

The other nice surprise is that, apart from the odd post, the thread has not yet degenerated into another one of those "my software is better than your's" threads.


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