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Re: D5 - Auto Shutter type - threshold

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Just in case anyone is wondering, setting D5 appears to use:

  • EFCS for 1/250 and slower
  • Mechanical shutter for 1/320 and faster

Personally, I think this was a bad decision. I think they should have had the switch to mechanical shutter closer to 1/200, unless someone can think of a reason why they did this.

(based on my few minutes of experimentation with a single lens on the Z6).

I was expecting the auto shutter to switch to mechanical at HSS speeds.

Yes, sorry that was a typo on my part. I meant to say 1/2000, not 1/200.

Exactly what I wrote here:

They should have made it customizable as well as their idea of "Auto". I would like to have it always 1/2000sec but would like the option to choose the crossover point.

Agree that choice of crossover point would have been best. But I had tested EFCS vs Mechanical shutter on a 300mm f/4D and the shutter shock was noticeable till 1/125sec. So, 1/250s may not be all bad, but my test was pretty limited.

I’ve found the same with the 35mm Z - perhaps the issue is more related to the timing of the curtains irrespective of focal length.

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