Which RAW converter do you use?

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You should remove Adobe products from the list

I wouldn't call Adobe CR a proper RAW converter. Indded, the point of shooting RAW and then convert to is to make the most out of a RAW file, isn't it ? As a very minimal prerequisite, I think reasonable to consider that if you have a 20MP camera, then any software you call "RAW converter" lets you use the 20MP, don't you think ?

The point is that when you use LR with most mirrorless cameras and 1" compacts, it forces you to crop (often as significantly as turning your 24mm lens into a 28mm). It does it by forbidding to disable built-in lens profiles. And it has nothing to do with a manufacturer's will. On my body, I have the option to disable lens corrections (I think Ninkon Z have it too), so manufacturers are fine with removing lens correction. And even if I disable profile in-body, LR adds it deliberately.

Technically, ACR converts. But it does in a way that it ruins the whole RAW purpose, and crops your pictures without letting you the choice, nor respecting the manufacturer wishes.

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