how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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Re: how to compare camera to mobile phone?

I respect your interest in (any/all) facets of photography, (including "equivalence").

But I don't understand why you are obsessed with taking the "same" image ???

But you also have to define what you mean by "same" ???

You can shoot a cell-phone f1.7, 1/125, ISO 1200 image on your "M" @ EXACTLY THE SAME EXPOSURE-SETTINGS. The "lightness" will be the same, (assuming the ISO calibrations are the same), but DOF & noise-level will be different.

BTW: that ISO seems high and shutter-speed low unless you are shooting indoors or NIGHT.

Because of the larger-sensor ... the DOF will be shorter/shallower.

To get the same DOF you need to use f/11 (and about ISO-26,000 @ 1/125s), but you will also need approx. 12mm lens for same FOV/AOV & DOF.

Both cameras/phone are DIFFERENT ...

Both cameras/phone have BOTH advantages and disadvantages.

Fully exploit both for their best images in different situations.

Obviously your cell-phone will always BE WITH YOU.

Your cell-phone probably has a WIDER lens than you currently have, (but it's "zoom" capability is "digital" and very limited).

Its wider lens is not recommended for "portraits".

And its (small) sensor has a long/deep DOF, (even @ f/1.7).

Because the sensor is so small, it has a (much) higher noise level, but also has advanced built-in "noise-reduction" processing.

Your (M) camera can shoot at narrower DOF, (maybe even narrower than you wanted if it was FF).

The narrow DOF is very beneficial for portraits or when you want to isolate a subject from fore/background.

Obviously you have much wider/"tele", (OPTICAL) ZOOM options on your (M) camera.

And you can have a wide choice of interchangeable lenses ...

And I posted this (suggested lens) list prior ...

8mm to 12mm = ULTRA-Wide-Angle

12mm to 17mm = WIDE-Angle (my preference 15mm) -- NOTE: Your cell-phone probably about 12mm-EFL to your M

17mm to 25mm = slight-Wide-Angle

25mm to 35mm = "NORMAL" (I prefer 28mm)

40mm to 60mm = slight-TELE (my preference for "waist-up" portraits = 53mm)

60mm to 90mm = medium-TELE (my preference for "head-shot" portraits = 85mm)

95mm to 300+mm = TELE

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