Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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What I don't get from the OEMs is this.

Sure, there are hundred of millions of people who are consumers for smart phones and their cameras.

But the world population is still growing and I'd like to think improving in standard of living.  The first point doesn't preclude the OEMs from selling dedicated cameras to a quite large universe of people and making a profit at it.

But that doesn't mean they can't try harder..

I always carry a standalone camera with me.  But I would  welcome standalone cameras with larger LCDs and more in-camera editing capabilities.  I've tried out some FREE Android photo editors that are incredible. Not gimmick filters, but real curves adjustment, highlight and shadow adjustment, color balance, etc.

The quality of cameras today is superb, but I only know a few pushing the envelopeā€”Fuji with a hybrid viewfinder; Sigma with Foveon; Ricoh with that modular camera try; perhaps Panasonic and Sony with auto focus and getting compact EVFs into a small form factor.  One of the most innovative companies, Samsung, retreated from standalone cameras.

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