narrowed the field to Canon M50 and Fuji XT30. ?? about lenses / general advice

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narrowed the field to Canon M50 and Fuji XT30. ?? about lenses / general advice

Hey everyone. Been posting a bit in the Canon section, I thought I would come here. I'm a beginner, looking to get started with something versatile. I am more slanted towards video which is the obvious reason I've been pointed to Fuji. as the title states, I've basically narrowed it down to the Canon M50, the Fuji XT30 , or the XT3..  admittedly the XT3 is a bit of a stretch, budget-wise. I would have to save and sacrifice a bit. (and wait. lol)

abbreviated version of my use-case and background for context:  I play the guitar and build PCs.  I'm moving in a month. In my new home, I will be setting up a "studio" (  if you could call it that) , a battlestation of sorts, gaming/editing PC/workstation with dual monitors, some guitars and audio gear, etc.  I have been inspired recently to incorporate photo and video into this.  guitar reviews, PC builds, and overall I *really* want to learn video editing as a creative outlet.

some of my priorities which have led me here:

Full HD 1080 @ 120fps.  This is not strictly a necessity (and is lacking on the M50.. ughh) but I find that for cinematic footage and B-roll, nothing is quite like 120p.  I plan to eventually have gimbals and stabilisation stuff and want to be able to shoot nice, smooth, beautiful footage to get creative with it.

Time lapse ability.  This is something that someone can help me out with. From my small amount of research, I know you can do a timelapse with the interval shooting setting and stitching together single frames with the XT30. Is this the only way?  The M50 has *video formats for doing this automatically (albeit my guess as a beginner would be that these are less customizable).  In particular I want to be able to film time lapses of PC builds, and possibly of my move-in / setting up the actual studio.  not a dealbreaker but I do value time lapse quite a bit and want the option.

4k.  This is something that I don't think is totally* necessary. But they all shoot 4k..  but this category is a clear win for Fuji as the Canon is just horrible without its dual pixel AF.  Not turning the tides either way with the 4k though.

One of my main questions and hesitations with fuji is the lenses. I've heard they have a great selection..  but I'm not familiar with ANY of them.  and they seem expensive.  this category I'm not sure about,... and would love to hear someone's feelings, because..  for me..  In the future it would be ALOT easier for me to pick up a decent-to-very good lens for $100-250 ...   than it would be for one at $399+ (which is the first thing i saw when I googled Fuji lenses).  Also I'm just less familiar.  i guess it all comes with the territory.

I guess I'll cut to the chase and end this soon, with my final thoughts. sorry for getting on in length.  Honestly, i'm a sucker for quality.  I naturally lean towards high quality stuff in every area (unfortunately my bank acct. does not agree. lol) , but I honestly think after looking far and wide..  that the Canon M50, and the Fuji XT30 and XT3 offer the very best value for someone with my needs, and in general, for that matter.  (the Sony 6400 was in the running, too..  in fact it was recommended to me by BOTH Adorama and B&H ..  but for whatever reason, It's last on my list.  and i'm not sure why. don't like the flip up screen conflicting with the mic? idk. ).

I would like the XT3 most of all.  but I would really be pushing it .. i could save and get the body relatively easily but I don't wanna max myself out. (i have to admit that I kinda wouldn't mind someone talking me into it ) ..  I'm still considering just saving and postponing, just for what I'd be getting.  the more I think about it, the more I think this may be the way to go. I really am in love with the XT3.   I honestly don't know ALL of the features I'd be losing by going with the 30, other than 4k60.  And that's not that* important to me.  the 30 still has 1080/120 .. so..  the price is pointing me towards the 30. If I went with the M50, the price is really* great there, but I'm losing 1080/120.  and overall quality is just not there. I honestly started out wanting the Canon M50 and the ONLY reason I didn't buy it is because of the crappy slow-motion capability.

At one point during this journey I considered the option to move some stuff around which I'm not using much, and raise my budget to about $2k+.  this would put me into an entirely different category of camera, of course, but for my needs and with diminishing returns, I just don't think I would benefit enough from getting an EOS R or A7III or Z6 or the like. (although I am very tempted by full frame).  I just don't see myself doing this as it may entail selling something else. My dream camera of sorts is the 1DX MkII ..  and if it were priced just a bit lower... I'd be sorely tempted, but for now this option overall is not viable.

What should I do ?  (the famous question) . What would YOU do?   I'm leaning towards the XT30 but I'm a bit discouraged..  the Canon WITH the kit lense and a bunch of extras is under $650..  for the XT30, I can manage 899 for the body, but it seems like a huge hit to jump from 899 to 1400 for the XT30 with a kit lens;  at that price, I'm near to the XT3. am I missing something?  Is there a better way to go about it with the XT30, as far as buying body only and getting a different lens to start than the usual bundles at B&H?  also considering buying used, but I'm a bit gun-shy there...

Any thoughts, advice, etc..  is greatly welcomed!! sorry for the rambling post and If you made it this far, I thank you and salute you.  looking forward to learning more about Fuji!!


Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M) Fujifilm X-T3 Fujifilm X-T30
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