Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Seems Dolby doesn’t trust Adobe . . .

“Basically, a legal complaint from March details that Adobe licensed some technology from Dolby for its applications.

Prior to Creative Cloud, the two companies struck a deal based on the number of discs sold for certain apps.

However, the complaint alleges Adobe got cagey with its numbers once it switched over to the cloud.

Essentially, it was easy for Adobe to report sales when it was selling its software on physical discs.

However, the way Creative Cloud works, creatives can pay one subscription fee to gain access to various programs.

Meaning, one subscription gets you access to multiple programs with Dolby’s tech—except Dolby got paid only once.

For example, the complaint details that Adobe’s Master Collection is advertised as one product, but actually contains “four products that each have a separate and independent copy of Dolby Technology” and that each requires its own royalty.”

. . . and wants a slice of the US$2 billion pie

”In 2013, Adobe controversially switched from a disc-based model which allowed customers to download -- not to mention own -- software on their computers by paying a lump sum, and into to a subscription models wherein users pay monthly to access Adobe's suite of services.

In 2017, thanks to the new subscription structure, Adobe reported a record $2 billion in revenue.”

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