Europe with m43 - What worked what didn't retrospective

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Re: Europe with m43 - What worked what didn't retrospective

I also shoot a lot on my travelling. Europe as well as the Middle East always be my favourite locations due to their long history, grade A preservation of historic building, different culture and religion from my home city in Asia.

After quite many travelling all over the years, I also find certain issues similar to yours.

  • Adapted MF lenses been ruled out long ago. Native M43 been too good already.
  • Thanks to the good stabilisation fast prime lenses something like f/1.7 is not have absolute advantage on low light shooting especially on non IBIS Panny bodies. I can use slower shutter speed on 14~45 on non IBIS bodies than 14 f/2.5. Now have GX85, so bought 15 f/1.7 to give it a try again. 
  • Long reaching, if not for BIF or wild life, is not always needed on usual travelling. For my type of travelling >=100 accounted for less than 1~2% of all of my shooting. But it is something we needed if we need the reaching. Hence, I replace the heavier 45~200 by 45~150. My wife is very happy with her 14~140.
  • I like ultra wide angle a lot for the indoor, architecture and huge mounment, narrow street and old town etc. For the size and weight I pick 7~14 f/4 instead of f/2.8.
  • WR? I never have a camera failed due to the rain before upgrade. Good to have but not really important IMHO.

As size and weight be essential on my type of travelling (on foot a few hours everyday), I shall give first preference on the size and weight to be kind to my aging body. I always am looking for the best balance to have carry enough lenses allowing me to enjoy my shooting, and not to slow me down. I shall try my best to limit the size of camera bodies, and pick the smaller size lenses of similar class. Hence 7~14 f/2.8, 12~40 f/2.8, 12~100 f/4, 35~100 f/2.8 or 40~150 f/2.8 are all eliminated from my choice. My current setup:

Gx85 & 14~140 for my wife. I use the GX7 & 7~14 f/4, 12~35 f/2.8, 45~150 & might be 15 f/1.7 for next trip. GF3 & 12~32 be our backup and if wish to go light weight.

I swap lenses a lot. Other elements around me are not a concerned. So dusty, rain, snow... Thanks to the good dust removal system of M43, proper after caring has kept my sensors clean.

In order not to miss a shot because of lens swapping, I always believe the proper swapping routine and camera bag can help instead of using multiple main cameras to defeat the purpose of using M43. A shoulder bag be my first choice. A sling bag which can put in front of us easily is also good. All back and front cap of lenses be removed in advance to every shooting session. Have a place to store the unmounted lens is also the key to shorten lens swapping time. I manage to change lenses within 2~3 second max. Might not be much slower (1 second or 2?) than put down the camera, put up another camera to shoot...

My 2 cents.

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