Which RAW converter do you use?

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Re: Which RAW converter - other thoughts

Zeee wrote:

Doug Haag wrote:

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

This can be bit complicated. It really depends on what you want to learn about Raw converters.

I have friends that use Photoshop, and others use Photoshop Elements.

The Camera Raw engine could/should be considered different for PSE and PS.

Some will consider it different for different versions of Photoshop and Lightroom; ie, LR 6.x is different than LR Classic

But adding this level of detail seems too much.

I'm not sure PhotoShop includes a raw converter, It may use the separate ACR raw converter plug-in. But PhotoShop by itself may be an rgb editor and not directly include raw conversion capability.

That is correct, ACR is a plugin. In LR 7.3 Adobe switched presets from lrtemplate to xmp so presets are now shared between LR and ACR.

Remember that I called it the engine - it does the conversion. This starts getting to the heart of what the OP is looking for. Is it the program like PS, or is it a more of a UI like LR. We all use these tools differently, though in Adobe's case, the current engine for PS and LR is the same. But PSE is a bit different and is constrained.

So, the OP could just lump all of PS and LR under the umbrella of ACR; or he could list them separately. But then isn't ACR for PSE and LR 6.x, or even LR 5 different? Some people have not moved from LR 4.

Again - I don't know what he is looking for.

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