Internet Browsers vs the Color Management in Digital Era (again...)

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Internet Browsers vs the Color Management in Digital Era (again...)

There is a missing link in my understanding of the Color Management - why the internet browsers still suck in the Color Management.

That being said, me and the CMS going way back, so here is my setup and a questions.

Dell U2711 wide gamut monitor
Windows 10 OS w latest updates
Chrome Version 74.0.3729.157 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The monitor is currently calibrated and profiled by me with my i1Pro2 spectrophotometer. I also have a DTP94 colorimeter and used to profile the monitor with it in the past - the problem is the same unrelated to the profiling instrument.

The ICC profile is v2 made with D65 / 80cdm / G2.2 params.

I have no issues with any software I use that supports the CMS - the color is consistent between the RAW development, editing, viewing, scrolling tiffs, jpegs with any profile tagged - sRGB ,Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB etc. The untagged Adobe RGB files are resulting a washed colors both in photoshop and the CMS picture viewer - but it is not the issue for me.

However watching my pictures I upload to my own web site or Facebook using Chrome browser is pain in the a.. my lower back. The pictures are simply over-saturated. I tried numerous tricks, that simply doesn't work for me for some reason.

Here you get a great old link that shows the browser representation of the same pictures saved with 4 different profiles types.

On the left:

"Tagged Adobe RGB" with mouse off
"Tagged sRGB" with mouse on

On the right the same but UNtagged - Adobe RGB" with mouse off / sRGB with mouse on.

Everything in this test in Chrome is represented over-saturated. Even the Untagged Adobe RGB, which is represented with slightly washed comparing to the other colors but over-saturated comparing to the local representation

I have tested the Firefox browser version 66.0.5 (64-bit) . The out of the box color management was not good.

The Tagged Adobe RGB/ sRGB and the Untagged Adobe RGB are showing with the washed colors, while the Untagged sRGB is over-saturated.

This & This tests showed partially broken color representation.

Now configuring the following lines in firefox advanced settings fixed everything :
gfx.color_management.display_profile - edited with the full system path of my current monitor profile instead of the default.
gfx.color_management.mode - enable color management for all rendered graphics.
This test shows correct color representation for everything with the Untagged Adobe RGB picture slightly washed colors exactly as it is shown locally on my local picture viewer. Both other tests are showing the correct results as well.

I must be missing something with the Chrome. I like Chrome, but since I upload more pictures online lately - it drives me crazy. Not only that, the pictures a review online uploaded by other users are represented over saturated as well, as a result leading me to the incorrect conclusions.

From what I have red it seems to be related to the calibrated wide gamut monitors only.

I can't believe Google couldn't implement the appropriate color management solution for the browser users.

Please share with me your experience and ideas how to get the Chrome browser to correctly present the "Tagged sRGB" pictures in 2019.

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