WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

terryreid wrote:

Mail crashes so often on all three of my Mac's when double clicking a folder in iCloud or on a SSD external to open it up and sent an attachment because it attached the entire folder 35GB and crashed mail almost every time.

Add a bookmark to the toolbar favorites and it now goes to the end requiring you to go in an show all bookmarks, then scroll all the way to the end and manual move it to the front or where you want it instead of the front like before.

I am a very intensive user, lots of apps, lots of windows, and have not run into your problems.

I don't know how you're adding bookmarks to the toolbar favorites, but what I do is click the URL to display the favicon at the left of the URL, and drag that favicon directly onto the any position I want. If I want this new bookmark to be the third from the left, then I just drop it between the second and fourth existing shortcuts, and boom, there it is. No anguish, no drama.

Mail rarely crashes for me, even though I need to clean it out (over 10,000 emails in my Inbox).

Windows closing accidentally? Never happens to me, unless (make sure you're not doing this) I accidentally press a shortcut or gesture that would close a window or application. But that's pretty rare. This little i5 16GB RAM MacBook Pro, not even a super powered iMac, just chugs through the work, day after day, and maybe after 2 weeks I'll decide it's time to restart it for once. It's often connected to multiple displays and peripherals so it feels like a desktop when I'm at home. A great, reliable, crash-free workhorse.

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