XF 56 I want it but,,,

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Re: XF 56 I want it but,,,

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surfoxy wrote:

My 56 is easily my favorite Fuji lens. Or it’s at least the most special. Plenty of places online to sell it if you don’t love it but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t.

this is a big problem that I and my friend face in here whenever we think about getting a new camera or lens. there is no place that rent Fujifilm cameras or lenses there is no good market for selling it. I bought myself XT-3 with the kit lens from B&H it cost me including shipping less than what I have to pay if I get from my country. if I thought about selling it I will lose about half of its cost. shipping from my country to the US or UK cost a lot about 300$ to ship 3KG to the US. that's why I need to be sure that I will keep this lens.

The 56 might be my next lens. I had the 56APD for a weekend and then I hesitated between the APD and the non-APD  and I missed a very good deal on a used one. I got the 60 four years ago mostly because of its close focus. But now I got cheap extension tubes and that might be enough for the occasional pseudo-macro shot with the 56; anyway the tubes work very well with the 18-55 at around 30mm. The 56APD I had was sharp from corner to corner at 1.4 on landscape shots and that means f/1.7 on the non-APD version; I did a focus stack at f/1.4 on the 56APD. That's better than the 16-55 at 55 f/2.8 which I had during that same week-end. I think the 56 is quite an upgrade over the 18-55 wide open at 55mm.

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