Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: And here I thought I was in the M forum....

MyM3 wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

MyM3 wrote:

Not logical, at all! If everyone who has ever changed brand should only post negativities in the old brand forum (and not participate in the new brand forum), there would not be room for anything else than naysaying. I came here from Sony a few years ago because I didn’t like Sony anymore (or said differently: I liked Canon better). But I would never (and not even think about) post a single post in the Sony forum about any negativity about Sony cameras or lenses (even if I have loads of data and evidence). It’s just not “the right thing” to do.

People use this forum to gather information about a system. If they get informed only by people happy with the system singing hallelujah all together, i think it will give a less balanced vision on the system (not only getting the pro's, but also the cons) compared to a situation information is also given by people who are dissatisfied by the system, eventually leading to the leaving of this system.

I find balanced - maybe if should say complete - information - both pro's and cons - more important than a sub forum hallelujah experience of folks who want to be even more happy with their system by only mentioning the advantages to each other.

I can understand mentioning disadvantages of a system can ruin the sub forum hallelujah experience, but i find complete information more important.

So if I read you correctly, all people who own a M camera and posts in this forum are only singing hallelujah together.

You don't read correctly. You missed the word "if". I made it bold for you.

No current owner is helping other people with problems. No current owners are telling anyone about any problems with the cameras. No current users are asking questions about problems they have. No current owners are honest about their cameras and lenses. No current owners are posting photos so other people can see what these cameras and lenses can do (both good and bad) and sometimes commenting on them (both good and bad). No current owners are making wishes about improvements, because the cameras can not be better and they have no faults and the only thing all M owners want is telling advantages to each other all day. Right? That is what I just read out of your post.

So you would rather have all the owners to leave the forum (because they can only sing hallelujah) and invite previous owners and naysayers instead. Because they know a lot better how the recent M cameras work even if the latest camera they have owned is an M3? And even if they are trying to blame the old brand just because they are very insecure about their new and more expensive purchase. Good luck with that. I am out of here now, because I have read more than enough nonsense today. And your last post takes the cake. Good night!

(Btw. I should have taken Marco’s advice much sooner.)

Sorry, you really used your imagination here about what i would have said in my last post, the only problem with it is i did not say this.

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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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