Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

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Re: Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

ELSELS wrote:

JohnLindroth wrote:

Hi Ed,

All my Sigma lenses fall within the "Other SA Mount lenses not listed above." section. So for me, all focus is manual. It's just a price to pay for using old lenses.

I set up the camera with red peak focus assist, and a zoom view on the AE/AF button push. So the only non-focus is either on purpose, or if I'm not careful, the shutterspeed is too low, and either I move the camera, or the subject moves.

I remember trying AF on some of my "newer" lenses, and the AF sensors would see patterns in the bokeh as infocus, or would focus back and forth full amounts, and never see an infocus signal.


Hello John:

I am guessing that "somehow" you have assigned the AE/AF button from its default settings to "enable" - turn on and turn off the "Zoom View"?

Do you have decent MF (Manual Focus) results - consistently?

Which size focus point "size" box do you find the most accurate?

Does it vary (size) you need when using Wide Angle versus Normal (50mm) to telephoto focal length range lenses?

Thanks for your time -

Have a nice day...


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Hi Ed,

Yes, there's a custom button setting for the AF/AEL button (Manual Pg 82-83). A quick look at the manual, and the OK button is already set specifically for that, when in MF mode (pg 63) - which I guess I didn't know before.

I've had excellent focus results using this. I generally set a small focus box. And in use, when you zoom in, focus with peak assist is very easy, and if you half-press the shutter button, it will go back to full view so you can compose. You can go back and forth with zoom, on the half-press, which is then reset to non-zoom after you take a picture.

For my use, I think that this is much more reliable than AF.


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