We are all at risk

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Re: We are all at risk

EOS GUY wrote:

mschf wrote:

EOS GUY wrote:

Lol how the heck are adobe ever going to know that my photos are processed through acr and cs6?

I think it's not Adobe we need to worry about, it's Dolby. And unless you strip away all exif data from, say, the images you post in a web gallery, it's quite trivial to see which application processed the image -- check out some of the advanced exif scanning tools available

Nah but literally, what;s the likelihood of Dolby looking at my smugmug or another site we discussed before in PM or if I ever made a book etc and having

A. A clue who I am or any awareness about my work

B. Any idea I used CS6

C. A care in the world about it

D. Any way of doing a darned thing. I paid for CS6 and do not use it in conjunction with any cloud based programme, it is not illegal for me to use CS6

Likelihood is very small and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it myself, I'm just saying that from the wording of Adobe's announcement on this, it looks like CS6 is included... no idea if this is CS6 bought/installed from their -- at the time new -- CC platform or any CS6 install.

A - small likelihood

B - very likely if they wanted to and if your images retained exif data

C - hey, it's Adobe. Who knows

D - you don't actually own the software, it's never worked that way, whether it's Adobe or any other company; you own a license to use it and often under terms of use, there's a little reminder that the terms of use can be updated

Yeah, as I mentioned, I don't think there's much to worry about as individual users of CS6 -- still, if there was a way -- and there are a few ways -- for Adobe to nab a few thousand individuals in one quick swoop, the lawsuit bucks can easily add up to a tidy sum

Anyway, if I can make an alternative image editing product work the way I like, it's goodbye CS6 and with that the last of any Adobe stuff I still have on my comp

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