Topaz AI Sharpen Processing Time

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Re: Topaz AI Sharpen Processing Time

I have no first hand knowledge of that HP model, but if I had to bet I'd say it's PS probably doesn't have the connector for cards that need external power. OEM's tend to cut corners on their power supplies.

NVidia recently introduced a low-power GPU model that uses only bus power...1650. It hasn't gotten the greatest reviews because at it's price point ($149) you can get a faster card...if you have the necessary PS wattage. But, it's niche is sort of the situation you are in...unless you can easily swap out your PS for a better one. Performance should be on par with the 1050Ti already mentioned or a little faster in some scenarios.

The 1650 might be "good enough" for these AI-Photo apps even though it's not a stand-out for gaming. I expect it's price to drop soon as it's only been out a few weeks.

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