We are all at risk

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I still do and will always use ACR and CS6

glad i never signed up for the cloud

I'm using CS6 as well but it seems -- though it's not fully clear in Adobe's press alert -- that CS6 is among the versions that this BS pertains to.

Coincidentally, I've been trying out ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019 over the past week or two and though it takes a wee bit of getting used to, it's rather fantastic. I might move to it and fully replace CS6, Bridge and ACR.

Also bought Affinity Photo a few years ago, it's really nice for the most part but the parts I don't like quirky enough to be show-stoppers. Hopefully for the next major update most of these things will be solved but in the meantime, ACDsee looks to be a superb piece of software for photo processing. Check it out

... I am using LR6, but the idea of "subscribing" to LR Classic does not appeal to me at all. I'll check ACDsee. By the way. What is it about Affinity that you find a show stopper. I've never tried it, but there is a new version that is supposed to be quite good.

PS: How do the files transfer from LR? (of course I gave all the original DNGs)

Hi Benedictus, I don't use LR so I wouldn't know how to export any raw adjustments done through it or ACR.

Things about Affinity that bother me:

- by default, images open in tabbed panes; I can 'untab' them but would love to see something like a [y/n] open new images in tabs option in settings, but currently it's not there

- when zooming an image out, the containing window doesn't resize to fit the image, so I'm constantly resizing it manually; it would be great if the image zoom worked like it does in photoshop and other editors

- various UX annoyances... ex. closing an open image brings up a warning that the file is still being developed -- though I haven't touched it -- and that I need to cancel the operation; well, that's what I thought clicking the X to close does, but then realize there's a pair of develop/cancel buttons in the upper-left corner, and I need to press the cancel button to close the image

- no image browser a la Bridge

I have the newest version installed (1.6.5), it's got all of the above things I don't like about it, though it's miles better than the Serif Photo X4 or whatever it used to be called, which I also bought, hoping that it'd eventually mature into a PS replacement... AFAIR the old versions had an image browser grrrr

If I can make ACDsee work the way I prefer, I'll likely ditch Affinity, which is a bit more than just a photo editor whereas ACDsee is purely for photos... the more I try it out, the more I like it.... and I mean REALLY like it; the raw decoder is extremely good.

One more thing I can't stand about Affinity: half the times you want to do something, there's always a popup asking you if you're sure you want to ___ ? ... a ' buzz off & don't ask me again' checkbox would be nice

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