EVF vs LCD energy consumption

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Re: EVF vs LCD energy consumption

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330 Shots with EVF?
I must have a very different battery or a very unusual way in which I take my images!
Last marathon 1800 shots on one battery and EVF and it still showed 1 bar on the display.
Dirt Bike Battle 1700, last weekend run 1300 shots with 2 bars showing.....

Just mentioning it...

Have a nice day!

The point is to compare EVF vs LCD energy consumption, and not quantify how many shots you can get in practice on a single battery.

But the CIPA rating is in a number of shots quantity format. They should consider revising the test procedure for mirrorless systems to better approximate real world conditions, considering how far apart they are vs actual number of shots per battery that people are getting.

Why would a mirrorless user take photos more frequently than a DSLR user?

They wouldn't. I was thinking something different, along the lines of changing the test procedure to better approx. real world usage. Don't know how to, but when you're getting a rating of ~300 and people are getting over 1,000 in the real world, you're not even in the ball park.

Some will get more shots than the CIPA rating, others less. It all depends on how many shots they take per period of time, esp for mirrorless since a lot of the energy drain is from the EVF/LCD, which runs continuously irrespective of whether exposures are taken. The fact that some people are getting over 1,000+ images doesn't necessarily mean their usage pattern represents a more accurate, real-world case.

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