Best all-in-one Film Camera for travel?

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Re: Best all-in-one Film Camera for travel?

Ed B wrote:

ThaQuest wrote:

I'm looking for something nice and compact with a built-in lens, f/2.8 at minimum but f/2 would be even better. Not only for travel, but for carrying around day-to-day. I just sold my AE-1 Program which was a little more bulk that I cared for.

So far the Olympus Trip 35 seems like a good option (with a 40mm 2.8 lens), but it only has two shutter speeds: 1/40 and 1/200, and I'd like some more low-light potential than that. The viewfinder is smaller than I'd like. Alternatively, the Olympus Pen half frames seem like a lot of fun.

Any other ideas?


I still shoot a roll of slide film once in a great while because when I switched to digital one of my Canon cameras (EOS3) was only a few months old and I still have that camera.

I hate to see it just sitting around gathering dust plus I've always loved slides.

Anyway, everyone is different but I can't understand why anyone, today, would use a film camera for travel.


Agree, I can't see how film and travel mix anymore. Travel by air and you have inspection and x-ray issues. Travel by whatever means and you need to allow space to bring film, as I don't think you can count on being able to purchase it widely. In many environments, you'll need to protect it from heat. Getting it developed while travelling will also be problematic, and if you wait until you return, you could fail to notice a camera malfunction (increasingly likely with aging cameras), and thus lose all photos past the malfunction.

By all means, continue to enjoy using film if you so choose, but it'd suggest that as a local endevor.

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