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TomFid wrote:

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TomFid wrote:

Many pieces on this topic that I have read states to have the ISO as low as you can get it. Interesting yours was at 200 & 640.

200 is base for my EM5ii. 640 was just carelessness.

I'll try again later.

Here's an example. I shot a sequence at f7.1, ISO 200, varying shutter speed for exposure compensation.

Sequence as imported into LR. Note that I mislabeled the top right shot - it's +1EV.

The 0EV exposure would make a decent jpeg but looks a little under to me. OTOH the +1 shot is a little washed out.

The +2 shot roughly pinned the camera histogram to the right edge without visible clipping. The +3 shot looks pretty hopeless.

You did this by using the EC dial and bumping up the brightness?

In LR, I used the exposure slider to roughly normalize everything to look like the +1 shot (i.e. the +3 shot got -2, etc.). Then they all look similar. It turns out that the jpeg histogram is too conservative, and even the +3EV shot is not clipped:

Same sequence, after rough leveling using the LR exposure slider.

However, if you zoom in, they look pretty different:

Left: the metered exposure (no compensation). Right: the +3EV shot.

The +3 shot is much cleaner in the mids and shadows, as expected (illustrating knickerhawk's point above).

On a day that's not so hazy, you wouldn't get away with this much compensation.

Thank you for the response...this was whatI have been hoping someone would do ...give a visual exemplar  This aids in the learning process alot.

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