Topaz AI Sharpen Processing Time

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Re: Topaz AI Sharpen Processing Time

JLGF1 wrote:

Offside wrote:

Thanks for your post. I have looked at the Topaz recommendations. Wish I knew more about what to look for in graphics card design. I would like to get something in the $250 range at most. If a graphics card is rated highly for games is it also rated highly for image processing software like Topaz? Tom's hardware has a comparison of gaming cards.

If you get a card ranked as high as the Radeon RX570 or higher you should be fine, particularly if you get an 8GB card (assuming your PS is large enough). That card is only around half your budget. The rest would depend on how much you want to future-proof.

BTW, my Sapphire Pulse card has a Gaming/Compute switch; I haven't done any timing comparisons and it is currently on the default (Gaming).

Thanks for the info. What does "assuming your PS is large enough" refer to?

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