How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

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Re: How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

Fishchris wrote:

Fishchris wrote:

On a related note, the Gigapan pro came out more than 10 years ago, when DSLR's really were not making enough MP's for huge, detailed prints. At the time, I can see why they sold for $1000. But now, DSLR's are easily making 40+ MP's, which is more than enough for 99.5% of all photographers..... I would think, even enough for some of the guys who bought a Gigapan pro for their 6mp DSLR 10 years ago. It just seems to me that one could buy a used Gigapan pro for $200 ! But nope, these freaking things are still like $800 used ! $1000 new !?!? What the hell ? Freaking killing me over here.

Okay, so you guys "did" or "did not" see my mention of the Gigapan in my OP ???

OK, you say you're looking for a Gigapan in a trash bin? I suppose you want a serious answer. So cameras have gone from maybe 10 MP to 40 or 50. That's fairly inconsequential by comparison, considering that the Gigapan is for people who want gazillions of MP, and for that, I guess you still need a Gigapan.

But who needs it, really? Not me, anyway. I have a one-row pano I took with my $400 camera with the underpowered sensor, the moire filter, and $150 kit lens (Canon 55-250), handheld.* It's too detailed to frikkin print. You can zoom in practically forever without seeing a pixel or any blur. The detail is practically unlimited. I have no way to display it except on a computer. Now it's not as good as one of those gigapixel web demos, but it's way better than anything I could ever use.

I'm pretty sure your stuff is even better, and you know what? I'll bet your $120 gimbal does the job for you just as well as the Gigapan. My own panohead cost me about $20. Personally, I wouldn't know what to do with a Gigapan. I'd hold out for the D850 or D500 if I were you. But the problem is that they will remain great for years and years to come. Probably not coming to a dumpster near you any time soon.

*Technical details: broad daylight, hands braced on a stone wall with image stabilization. Better than any tripod, I'll bet.

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