Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: And here I thought I was in the M forum....

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MyM3 wrote:

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Not the smartphone forum.

??? This thread is about comparing an M to a smartphone.


To me OP’s post was more about an appreciation to the M cameras and “Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere.” (Not about comparing M’s to every smartphone.)

I think the statement "cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere" relates to if an M camera is better than the best picturing smartphone around.

How can you read that out of that headline ?

But.... Of course the M camera is better. That is just too obvious. Not even worth discussing.

He was just telling us something that happened to him that day, that made him happy about carrying an M camera.

He was telling that, but he wasn't just telling that. There was a claim included about IQ of cameras versus phones, and you can expect some discussion doing claims like this on a dpreview forum.

(But then people jump on him like crazy,

It isn't that bad in my opinion. There are quite some discussion partners doing the effort to give their arguments. It is not only yelling statements and claims.

Someone wanted OP to leave the forum. (Someone who has sold all his M gear and moved to another brand, but still 99 percent of his posts are here in the M forum. Most of these posts are either negative to the M system or trying to convince someone to not buy an M, but buy into his “new” brand instead.

I think this is logical, and at least based on real experience. In my opinion you should not call this just negative as if it was just a kind of bias. Especially not because he comes up with a lot of data, evidence, and most of the time it is spot on at the goalpost of the discussion.

He wants a good contributor (who has made a lot of good helpful posts and also posted many great photos) to leave this forum. Funny stuff really. Why doesn’t he leave and post in his new brand’s forum instead?

But also “headless” arguments that OP used the wrong lens on this event. That lens was too good. lol. (That made me really laugh.) 🤣

In my opinion too this wasn't the strongest argument, however, generally much stronger arguments are given by this person.

The moral here is: You should never have anything else than the kit lens mounted, because you might meet someone who only have a smartphone and who wants to take the same picture and mail it to you. 🙃 And you are not fair if you use a better lens.

The problem is most consumers are buying ilc's with only the kitlens. Compared to this buying a good phone can be the smarter move.  My wife asked me what to buy for taking pictures, and i gave her the advice to buy a new phone, just because i know she has other preference than i have. I gave her the advice to buy a Huawei P20 Pro. She is happy with 8Mp-ish output, she doesn't care about the fat heads at the side of the frame, she doesn't like to change lenses and all the other hassle, and she likes those half baked additions those computational tricks give you.

In fact, some computational tricks i would like to have in my camera, as long as i can control to what extend i allow it to destroy detail. I also like to have high light tone priority in my M50 (as i do like i can turn it of if i want to). This is nothing but a phoneish computational trick, but its implementation is balanced enough to add something. The biggest problem: i need a one stop faster shutter with it, while even 1/4000 max shutter speed isn't quite comfortable............

The flash in that phone is crap of course, but the phone does change the color of the flash according to the environment. To be fair: i would love my speedlights to do this, as long as i can turn it off and make adjustments to it.

blaming him for not being fair

No, not about him being not fair. It was about if the comparison was fair, or, in other words, if the devices where equally assessed.

etc. etc.)

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