Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Looks like I stirred up a hornet's nest

Well well well. First, I have to admit that I stopped reading the replies, once I realized that the level of idiocy was even higher than is usual on these forums. My apologies to those of you who weren't posting nonsense. So, I make a post that makes two related, simple, and obvious points: (i) the M produces better results than phone cameras, and (ii) the M is small and light enough that it's convenient to carry around. Both points are obviously true. The phone picture I posted was by no means the best that a phone can do, but it was pretty representative of the phone pictures that my friends are constantly posting and showing me. I know there are better quality phone cameras, including the one I own (the iPhone 8), but even the best are nowhere near as good as the M6 with 32 or even 22 attached. And the best cost a lot more than the M6 with a decent lens. One of the things that a lot of us on this forum appreciate about the M system is that it gives great picture quality in a small and light package. I love my 7DII for sports, but I'm not going to carry it around with me everywhere I go. I do carry the M6, usually with the 32 attached, sometimes the 22, pretty much everywhere. A bunch of people jump in with the claim that most people are happy enough with their phone, and the M isn't for most people. Thank you captain Obvious. Pretty much nothing is for most people. This is the M forum, where we discuss the M system. I've never really understood why people bother to read and post on forums for stuff they don't like. I don't like Wagner, but I would never dream of going to a Wagner forum and informing the others there that I don't like Wagner, and that Wagner is a niche musical taste. All I can think is that some people are bitter and/or lonely enough that they enjoy simply being jerks on discussion forums for gear that they don't like.

I've been into photography for 45 years, since I taught myself the basics, including developing and printing, as a teenager. I'm still amazed at how good pretty much all real cameras are these days. I use and enjoy the M system (and my 7DII, and occasionally G7XII), and intend to keep posting about the aspects of it that I enjoy. This thread, if it has done nothing else, has at least shown those of us who are here to talk constructively about the M system which posters to ignore going forward. I already had a pretty good idea from past behavior, but now I won't even be tempted to click on a post from certain people here.

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