To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

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Re: Am I missing something?

FingerPainter wrote:

Perhaps. Those charts may indicate that the E-M5 II and E-M10 II are dual gain with the switch occurring at ISO 400,

Now look at

It shows a 1 stop increase in ISO above base gives a half stop improvement in PDR for the E-M5 II and a bit more for the E-MI II and the E-M10 II. Is a half stop of improvement negligible? It seems any other increase on these two cameras does not give enough improvement to be worth the effort.

The E-M1 II's sensor does not appear to be dual gain, yet it too shows > 1/2 stop improvement in PDR from ISO 200 to ISO 400, and another 1/2 stop available above ISO 2000.

Thanks for the useful link. I couldn't see the effect at all in the quick test I shot yesterday. I'll have to give it another try, more carefully.

There's no substitute for personal testing, I think.

I think that there's no substitute for properly conducted testing. Sadly, a lot of personal testing is not properly conducted. Most people don't have the proper setup or knowledge to properly control the tests. Perhaps your situation differs from the norm.

I think there are two aspects to this. Developing generalizable knowledge is hard. I know from mtf testing multiple lenses to see what stabilization settings worked best that it can be a ton of work, and I'd have to do it all over if I switched bodies.

But if you're just trying to figure out what works for you, the bar is a little lower. If you're making a mistake in your testing, you're likely to make the same mistake in the field, so it's not necessarily a great loss if you rule out whatever it was you tried for the wrong reasons. Also, you may learn something about your own preferences - for example that even though ETTR gets you 2 stops of noise reduction, it's kind of a PITA, and not worth bothering about much of the time.

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