Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Re: Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

DS21 wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

And what a title!
No personal impressions yet, I still have to read it...

P.S. Soon we should also have DPR's interview...


There will be very little posting about this interview, first, because nothing of substance or significance was said (it was mostly Theta), and second, Pentax is already heading to oblivion, and diminished interest and activity on the forum is reflecting this. Ricoh execs clearly are in self sufficient mode, don't care about the market realities and competition, and unlike Theta and GR, Pentax is to them just one fairly expensive and luxurius hobby. As long as they don't lose interest in this hobby, Pentax is still not completely doomed, there will be a miniscule market presence, and you could still buy some new products, whenever they eventually depart the great Ricoh secrecy cloak and become available.


Of all the posts thus far, yours is closest to my own impression. I've been hanging out over on Nikon while waiting to see what Ricoh will do. I've still got all my Pentax gear and do use the KP and K1ii regularly, and fully plan to buy the new APS-C flagship when it comes out -- if it has advantages over the KP and D500. But I've noticed, the more time I spend over on Nikon, the less time I spend thinking (I've long since given up worrying) about Pentax.

I've encountered several other Pentaxians over on Nikon. Maybe half of them have abandoned Pentax entirely. The other half is hanging onto their favorite Pentax gear and checking from time to time to see if Ricoh is doing anything. Well, Ricoh is. The GRIII near the time of Pentax's 100-years anniversary. The Theta. Underwater cameras. As to Pentax gear, Pentax what? Ho hum.


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